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College students can afford Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is three days away; many are becoming worried about what to do. However, Valentine’s Day is meant to bring love, not headaches. Here are some unique, cost-efficient ways to spend Valentine’s Day.
Restaurants are usually packed around this holiday. Because it is public, it’s hard to make it intimate. This Valentine’s Day, plan a picnic with your honey on the front yard of the campus or at a local park. Pack a light lunch with his or her favorites. Burn a CD of favorite songs and bring along a portable radio. Dance the day away and don’t worry about who is watching, just imagine you’re the only two people on Earth.
Dinner and a movie is usually the typical date. This Valentine’s Day, instead of the norm, attend the $1.99 theatre. Spend the night with your sweetie watching different kinds of movies. You could watch four movies and it would cost less than one ticket to the regular theatre. Add some adventure and sneak in your favorite movie snacks.
Not the romantic type? Add fun competition to your day and save you some money by playing some unique sports. Use the Student Rec. Center. Come up with funky rules like hopping on one foot while trying to shoot a basketball. Be creative. Come up with a prize that both of you can enjoy. No losers allowed on this day!
This Valentine’s Day, plan it together. Go gift shopping together. Spend the day walking around downtown, browsing all the nice boutiques, restaurants and other buildings. Maybe even go to a thrift store. Come up with a set price limit. Try looking for things that are different and unique; you will be surprised at what you can find. Valentine’s Day gifts or plans do not have to cost much when they come from the heart.
Valentine-less this year? No worries. Plan a day for yourself or with your other single friends. Ladies, plan a spa night. Have girl talk and instead of dashing all guys because you’re single, try relaxing and bettering yourself.
Guys, have a “no girls allowed” night. Kick back, watch a game or play a video game with your friends. Order some wings or pizza and pig out. This is your night to not have to impress a woman.
When it comes to Valentine’s Day, there is no manual. Use your creativity and own knowledge about yourself and your valentine to make it your own.

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