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Tiger comes out of hiding, Richie and Madden commit to binding

Tiger tucked his tail and hid after all of his scandalous behavior was plastered on America’s televisions, but now he’s decided to come out of hiding and speak for the first time in months.
Friday, Tiger will address a small group of colleagues and friends as he discusses his career and apologizes for his actions. It is unknown if his wife will attend the event, and if she does it will be a big surprise. After the claw marks he left on her reputation, and on millions of other women apparently, surely she’ll need more than a couple of months to heal. To make matters worse, a porn star recently said that she was almost the mother of two Tiger cubs, but miscarried one and had an abortion the second time.
Another relationship that might be on the rocks is Jake and Vienna from “The Bachelor.” Vienna’s past sure is coming back to haunt her, with rumors circulating that she was only on the show to make a name for herself, and that she was obsessed with a boyfriend back home. Even her former Hooters’ co-workers said that she was dumb, and pretty much voted her most likely to make a career out of working there. She must have really made an impression.
Moving on to a relationship that is not plummeting, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are celebrating the public announcement of their engagement. Richie designed the ring herself, which is around four carets. Madden said he wanted her to have the ring of her dreams, and I think she got it. I guess since she’s soaked up everything in the simple life, she’s now ready to tackle the married life. The bridal party does not include former BFF Paris Hilton.
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week started off with the shocking news of Alexander McQueen’s death. Found hanging in his closet (a touch of irony), McQueen committed suicide just days after his mother’s death. Lady Gaga paid a tribute to her favorite designer during her performance at the Brit Awards. May he rest in peace, and good luck to Lady Gaga who is surely on a mission to find a new designer who’s as wacky as she is.

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