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Natural High offers alternatives

Some think that drinking and partying are an inevitable part of college life and should be accepted, but sometimes these activities aren’t just fun and games. Many things can occur while under the influence of alcohol or drugs that ar regrettable. That is why VSU sponsors a club that will guarantee a safe, substance-free environment.
The Natural High Club is a great alternative for students who want to have fun or party without being exposed to drug or alcohol use. Founded at VSU more than 10 years ago, Natural High promotes fun and excitement through just that, natural fun and excitement. The club’s philosophy is that the capacity for fun is inside of you and not in the things we consume or partake in when we go out looking for fun.
Anyone is welcome to come to the events that Natural High president Tammia Battle and advisor Mark Williams sponsor to ensure that students who want clean fun, get clean, safe fun. From movie nights to game room nights (in which the game room fee is waived) in the Student Union, Natural High wants you to enjoy your life with no help from substances that could prove to be detrimental. All events include free food and admission, so there is no need to worry about cash to have fun, unlike the clubbing experience, where you have to pay for the alcohol (which isn’t cheap in most cases) and cover fees of $5 or more to participate in social interaction.
“Natural High’s events are intentionally put on Thursdays to conflict with the bar and club scene in Valdosta that tends to start their partying on that night. We want to ensure that students know there is some better to do on campus on Thursday nights that does not involve drugs and alcohol,” says Williams.
This coming Thursday, Natural High will be hosting Bingo Night in the Student Union. To find out more about the club and upcoming events, you can call the Office of Alcohol and Other Drug Education at 259-5111 or directly email Williams at mfwillia@valdosta.edu.

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