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Top nine most epic pranks of all time

April Fool’s is a day that is anticipated by many. People from all over the world know that this is the one day when they can perform pranks and other practical jokes on their friends, family, and co-workers without getting blamed for it too much. Below are nine clever April Fool’s tricks taken from discoveryfun.com that we thought were worth sharing.
Switch all the controls on in your victim’s car. This includes the wipers, radio, and turn signals. You could also fiddle with the mirrors and turn the air vents on high and facing the driver’s seat. For more amusement, make sure that their least favorite station will be blasting when they turn on their car.
Buy an inexpensive side window at an auto parts store. Break it and take the broken glass to your victim’s car. Roll down their window and place some glass on their seat and some on the ground below the window. Next, go tell them that you think someone tried to break into their car overnight.
Although this is a prank from way back, it still manages to work today. Superglue a quarter to the ground and watch people try and pick it up. Placing a $20 bill under a tire and watching people try to get it could also be very entertaining.
An oft-used April Fool’s trick from the past is to wrap a rubber band on a sink nozzle so that the push button remains down. The first person to turn on the water will get a very wet surprise.
This next hoax takes a little more time and effort than the others. Tape a couple of hours of TV on the same night of a lottery drawing. Make sure that you record the actual lottery drawing. Afterwards, buy a lottery ticket for the next week’s drawing and use the winning numbers from your recording. Ask a friend to come over to watch TV. Have them purchase half of your lottery ticket and tell them that you’ll divide the prize money. When the numbers are called out on your recording, have your victim check the numbers on their ticket. Sit back and watch their reaction.
Buy several cheap watches. When your victim leaves their house, set the alarms on each watch so that they all will go over at various times. Place them behind light switch faceplates. Although your victim will hear the alarms, it will take them some time to figure out where they’re located.
Drop some mini marshmallows into your friend’s milk when they leave the room. This will create the effect of lumpy milk.
Put cling wrap on a toilet seat, resulting in a little mess for both genders.
When it is below freezing outside, immerse some cotton balls into water and position them all over a car. The cotton balls will automatically freeze and stick to the car until the temperature reaches above freezing.
There are no limits as to how many April Fool’s pranks you can pull, and you are certainly not entitled to just use the ones on this list. Be creative, use your resources and most importantly, have fun. Let the prank-ing begin!

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