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Guys and girls can be just friends

Is it really possible to be really good friends with someone of the opposite sex? Some people think it is completely impossible for a guy to be friends with a girl and not want to sleep with her. But some guys have tons of friends who happen to be girls and still have healthy relationships with their girlfriends.
Other people believe that if a girl is friends with a guy, she is using him or secretly likes him. But the truth might be that they have been friends for a long time. The type of “friendship” that a guy and a girl can have depends on what each person wants.
“I think guys who are friends with girls will still have sex with them if the girl lets them,” said VSU frsehman Jacora Jempson. That can be very true.
“I have lots of female friends, but if any of them wanted to have a little fun, I wouldn’t mind that either,” Josh Thompson, freshman exercise physiology major, said.
Bringing sex into a friendship can definitely cause a lot of problems. A friend is not really someone that you have sex with, so if you are having sex with one of your friends, you are a little more than friends.
Having a friendship with someone of the opposite sex should be no different than having a friendship with someone of the same sex. Guys should be able to communicate with their female friend as if she is one of the guys, and girls should be able to talk to their guy friends as if he is one of their “besties.”
If you are friends because you initially liked each other or found each other attractive, there might be ulterior motives to your friendship.
Sometimes you might find that you just can’t communicate with someone of the opposite sex like you could with someone of the same sex.
“I don’t have any male friends, because I like to talk about clothes, boys, and girly things. I don’t know any guy who would sit up and talk about stuff like that with me. I understand because I don’t want to sit around and talk about girls’ “booties” and what other foolishness guys talk about,” Monique Elerson, sophomore journalism major, said. Establishing a close friendship is not easy, and going against the norms by having a friend of the opposite sex might make it a little harder, but it’s definitely not impossible.
I have a really good male friend, and being a female myself, I have found that it is not the hardest thing in the world to accomplish a friendship with someone of the opposite sex. It was made possible by the both of us just being ourselves, and learning about each other for who we really are. We both have significant others and we have become comfortable enough with each other where we are able to tell each other about them and everything else, and I mean EVERYTHING.
I believe that is essential because if I was only able to tell him things that interested him or benefitted him and not myself, then he would just be any other male, but because we have developed a close-knit and natural relationship, nothing is off-limits in our friendship.
I did not just go out one day looking for a male friend, just like no one goes out just looking for a “friend.” But through conversation and time spent having fun together, I found that I really enjoyed being with him, just as I enjoy being with my other friends who are girls. I no longer look at him as a male friend, but simply as my friend, and that’s what it’s all about.

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