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How well do you know your mascot?

These questions were formed by the Spectator Staff with information provided by Student Life.
Answer all five questions correctly and you will be submitted into a drawing for a gift basket from VSU goodies from the bookstore.
The answers to the questions are at various locations around VSU.
Clues as to the location of the answer are hidden inside the question.
The answers to the trivia can be submitted to The Spectator Office in Hopper Hall or the Communications Unit in Powell Hall.

After a brief mascot rebellion, in order to form a more perfect Student Union, VSU became home of the Blazers, before that what was the mascot name?

In spring 2010, Blaze was excited to find that the Student Union would now provide some of his favorite foods. What are some of Blaze’s favorites?

Before Blaze, the matchstick, was born in 2000, the blazers were represented by something that in fantasy tales often had to fight against people with chain mail. What was the Blaze image before our favorite matchstick?

Blaze dislikes sore losers and any team that isn’t the Blazers, but there is something that he dislikes more than that, because they often try to extinguish his fire. Odum Library has the most of these on campus.

Two colors are at the Center of the University and bring all Blazers together. They just happen to be Blaze’s favorite colors.
What are they?

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