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The Toys are Back in Town

Finalizing a brilliant, classic film series is no easy task. George Lucas proved that all too well with the less-than-brilliant prequels to Star Wars, and the sequels of many other films do not even bear mentioning. Toy Story 3, however, proves that there is a way to make it happen, because this sequel is not only well-written and masterfully executed. It has all the moving power of the first two films, and it captures the sense of humor and magic that they gave their original audience.
The film, which is directed by Lee Unkrich, and written by Michael Arndt with a story by Unkrich, John Lasseter and Andrew Stanton, takes place years after the first two, just as Andy, the owner of Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the toys, is leaving for college.Near the beginning, the filmmakers start speaking to the audience subtly, with lines such as “I always wanted to go out with a bang!” The spirit of audience inclusion prevails throughout, with the persistence of pop culture references (like Lotso saying “F. A. O. my Schwartz!”) and winks to the series’ past. This film was clearly made for the people who loved Toy Story in the first place, but it can still be enjoyable for newcomers to the franchise.
From a narrative standpoint, the movie is a metaphor for growing up, moving on, and finding a place in the world. Andy’s toys go out into the world, they have some bad times, they discover things that seem very frightening, and they end up discovering that they are stronger as a group than alone. Moving on from where they had been before—without giving too much of the ending away—is still a necessity, and the final shot of the film feels earned, not forced.
If this movie has any flaws, they are a couple of minor plot holes, which should not be revealed for the sake of letting the moviegoer figure out the plot herself, and a bit of sexism that has become almost obligatory in Disney films. At the end of the film, though, the viewer will either be in tears or just feel a sense of satisfied good humor, and the ability to give this to an audience is where the power of Toy Story.

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