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Bobby Stiner: Blazer Athletic Advocate

 Every day at VSU, athletes from various sports are constantly on the grind, but students rarely get a chance to meet the driving force behind the team.
 Working as a graduate assistant here at VSU is no easy task, but it is something that Bobby Stiner has a passion for.  “I love my job here and the opportunity I have to help athletes reach their goals,” Steiner said.
 Stiner has been a graduate assistant at VSU for a year and a half and has worked with all of the athletes, including the Blazer volleyball team, who took another victory under their belt at Tuesday night’s game against Armstrong.
 Coming out on top seems to be a regular for Stiner. As a defensive-end, linebacker, and 4-year starter at Belhaven College in Mississippi, he was named captain his junior and senior year.  He also made All-Conference team both years.
 “The things that I took away from the field, other players, and my coaches are the reasons why I do what I do,” Stiner said.  “During that time, I was impressionable and, being that young, having that kind of positive influence put in my life is the reason I am here. It’s really rewarding to give back to something that I have loved so much. Working with the Blazers on a daily basis has been so satisfying.”
 Stiner, who has his undergraduate in Sports Administration and is working on his Masters degree in Health and Physical Education, has had more opportunity than most twice his age.  He works as an intern at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, with the likes of gold medal bobsledding team members Apollo Ohno and Curt Tomascek.
 Stiner also has one not-so-little secret, but rather something he is very proud of. “I fight MMA as a hobby,” Stiner said. “It’s just something that I enjoy and it keeps me hustling. I love a challenge and I get my adrenaline rush from it.”
 Stiner says that although he loves MMA, his true dream is to become a college football coach. “I just know this is the field where I belong,” Stiner said. “It feels right. It’s like a family here at VSU and I think the athletes feel the same way.”
 Stiner says he feels incredibly lucky to be one of the few graduate assistants who have been given the opportunity to work with the Blazer family.
 “Without the school support and the help of so many others, the athletic program would not be possible. I just want to say thank you to everyone who makes these teams what they are,” Stiner said.
 Stiner encourages everyone to come out and support the Blazers this Saturday as they play Delta State. Kickoff is at 1 p.m.

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