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Songz comes back, gets personal

 Tremaine Neverson, better known as Trey Songz is back again with his fourth studio album, ‘Passion, Pain & Pleasure’. Released on September 14, 2010, ‘Passion, Pain & Pleasure’ is what Songz says is his “most personal album to date”.
 This album is one of the better R&B albums of the year with mostly smooth and seductive songs on the track listing.
 With 17 tracks on the standard version, and 21 on the deluxe edition, Songz shows us how hard he has been working this year.
  Exactly a year after his third album, ‘Ready’, was released, fans and critics were stunned at how soon the album came out.   Due to the great success of ‘Ready’, including a Grammy nomination as well as three No. 1 songs on the Billboard chart, most people thought Songz would be nowhere near ready to release another album.
 “I was very surprised to hear that Trey had another CD coming out so soon, especially because songs like ‘Say Ahh’ and ‘Your Side of the Bed’ are still hot”, Traque Leslie, sophomore pre- engineering major, said.
 But Songz was not ready to just settle for the certified Gold success that ‘Ready’ brought him. With the release of ‘Passion, Pain & Pleasure’, Songz shows his fans that he is still ready to please and deliver.
 With only two songs featuring other artists, Songz gives us an inside look at his personal growth through his music.
 Songs like ‘Please Return My Call’ and ‘Alone’ allow Songz to show his full vocal ability. While songs like ‘Doorbell’ and ‘Massage’ show the fans that he hasn’t lost his seductive music style.
 With the overall greatness of the album, there are still some questions that are being raised about how it compares to his last album.
  “I do love it (‘Passion, Pain & Pleasure’). However, compared to ‘Ready,’ I listened to more songs on the other album, but I really do love the new CD as a whole,” Tiffani Johnson, senior American Sign Language major, said.
 This CD is another hit from Songz, though it has its flaws, such as an introduction that does not flow with the slow, smooth sound of the album.
The album features three interludes, creatively named ‘Passion,’ ‘Pain,’ and ‘Pleasure’ respectively. These are wonderful interludes that honestly could have been made into their own songs.
 The songs ‘Bottoms Up’ featuring Nicki Minaj and
‘Unusual’ featuring Drake are amazing tracks. However it can be said that ‘Bottoms Up’ does not fit into the vibe of the CD.
 The tracks ‘Love Faces’ and ‘Can’t Be Friends’ stand out because of the vocal skills and harmonies that Songz put together.
All of the album’s lyrics are incredible, and the majority of the songs are relatable.
 The album was produced by Troy Taylor, Johnta Austin and Songz himself.
 I recommend this album not only for Songz’ fans, but for everyone who loves a laid back, smooth R&B album.

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