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Heed Nature’s Calling

 With fall right around the corner, the Georgia sun has finally moved far enough away that one can tolerate being outside for longer than eight seconds.
 With this in mind, one can travel to areas beyond the reaches of Remerton and $5 covers. As a personal experiment, I decided to see what was nearby.
 So, my random destination turned out to be Stephen C. Foster State Park in the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge.
 To prepare for this outing, all one really needs is a few bottles of water, some comfortable shoes and common sense.
 Girls, don’t wear stiletto heels and guys, stay away from loafers. Basic running shoes, shorts, and a t-shirt would probably be the most comfortable for a day in the woods.
 It takes about an hour to drive to the refuge from Valdosta, but the drive down GA-94 is pretty relaxing.
 No traffic, no people, and no cops for those lead-foot enthusiasts, but be careful because random road kill litters the road and I almost ended the life of one cuddly raccoon.
 It costs $5 for a week pass but with so many state park facilities, outdoor oriented people could easily get their money’s worth.
 The park has a couple of activities that can be done in groups.    There are boat rentals for cruising the swamp, even if there are signs warning of alligators and not to feed the local animals.    The nature trail is about half an hour walk at a brisk pace.
 There are also cabin rentals for the group looking to stay longer than a day and public boat ramps for the fishing type.
 There is even a convenience shop just in case you forgot bug spray or a Redbull.
 I highly suggest that those tree lovers and green people visit, but people with hatred towards anything involving dirt, sun, bugs, or alcohol-free activities are wasting their time.

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