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New BlazeFM tower plans discussed

 With all the construction going on around campus, it is hard to remember what is going to be rebuilt next.
 One thing that may see a change is a new tower for the campus radio station, BlazeFM.
 Everything concerning the tower is still in its beginning stages, but the new tower might be completed by the end of the year.  According to Station Manager Daniel Oakes, the station is getting all the information about a new tower, although an official timetable has not been set.
 The current BlazeFM tower only allows the station to broadcast within a ten mile radius, depending on how good the reception within a listener’s car or home is. A new tower would allow 90.9 Blaze FM to broadcast throughout all of Lowndes County and even into a few other neighboring counties.
 With a stronger signal strength that could come from a new tower, news of school events and the diverse kinds of alternative music played on the station would reach a wider audience, perhaps gaining more publicity for Valdosta State University.
 Oakes is optimistic about the opportunities surrounding a new tower, and faculty advisor Michael Taylor is now looking at construction bids. The FCC has also approved the construction of a new tower.
 “We would be able to broadcast to a much-increased listenership and it would increase signal strength, so all of Lowndes County and the surrounding areas can be infected by the awesomeness of our Blaze FM,” said Oakes.
 More news regarding the tower should emerge within the next few months, but a final decision about when the new tower should be up and running is still some months off. For now, the tower, which has stood on the VSU campus for more than two decades, remains part of the familiar landscape of the school.

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