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VSU Golfers return from off-season

Back from their off-season, the VSU Men’s Blazer golf team is as confident as ever with a look of determination in their eyes and a “drive” to make it to the Nationals.
After being named one of the top five teams of the decade by the Gulf South Conference and setting the standard for excellence in athleticism, the Blazers are ready for any “zinger” that can be thrown their way.
“We practice every day, we push ourselves,” Evan Hanna, a senior marketing major, said.
Hanna, who has started his second year on the golf team, says his love for the game extends back to high school, where he was awarded First-team All-American honors from the NJCAA.
“It’s physically demanding,” Drew McGuire, a junior history major and second-year player said.  “Our practices are our workouts, no question. Walking 36 holes can take hours. It’s like walking probably 14 miles.”
McGuire also has his own list of accolades, claiming two top 10 finishes on the Southeastern Junior Golf Tour and member of Northview’s 2007 Georgia State High School Championship team.
Individual events, opens and amateur championships keep
Hanna and McGuire on their toes in preparation for the start of the season.
“Events keep us fine tuned,” Hanna said. “If you don’t play for a while and then you do, it feels weird. We play every day to be able to handle the pressure, to find out what we need to work on in our game.”
Apart from actually playing golf, VSU golfers are expected to carry their own equipment on the green.
“We don’t get privileges like golf carts,” McGuire said. “We’re expected to work.”
And work they do. This season, the Blazers are traveling to Kona, Hawaii, where they will be playing in the Dennis Rose Intercollegiate Golf Tournament.
“We’re looking forward to this,” Hanna said. “We know we have our work cut out for us, but we’re ready.”
McGuire said the Blazers plan on going to conference, regionals, and nationals this season.
With teammates like Clarke Hendrick, who claimed a fourth place finish at the 2009 Georgia 5A state tournament and Will Repko, who tied for 54th place at the First Federal Southeastern Collegiate with an eight-over 224, a little “drive” will go a long way in securing the Blazers a spot at the NCAA Championships in May.
Away matches for the Blazers include: Dennis Rose Intercollegiate on Nov. 1; Matlock Invitational on Feb. 14; and Argonaut Invitational on Feb. 28.
The Blazers’ first home game will be held on March 14, when they will be hosting First Federal Southeastern Collegiate.

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