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Poissons de Chants on display

 An unusual art form is now on display at the VSU art gallery.

The show’s title, “Poissons de Chant,” translates to “The Singing Fish.”

 The exhibit, on display from Oct. 20 to Nov. 5, showcases Tom Lundquist’s series of images made entirely by digital technologies including Adobe Photoshop and computer-animated programs.

 The series shows the journey of a school of mythological singing fish travelling from Montreal, Canada, to different parts of the world.


 Many of the pictures, which Julie Bowland, art gallery director, calls “high-end posters,” make references to artists such as Salvador Dali and René Magritte as well as historical events.
 Lundquist found inspiration for his art in music.

 “I was in Montreal doing Franco-Follies, which is a music festival, so that was on my mind,” Lundquist said. “I just liked the idea of pretend story.”

 Bowland supports the unique choice of a digital artist’s work to be shown in the fine arts gallery.

 “If you can suspend your disbelief, then you can just start to enjoy it,” Bowland said. “We make an effort to present different types of art like that.”

 Lundquist has not always created computerized art.

 “I had a strong art background before computers came along,” Lundquist said. “When it became possible to communicate more, that was right up my alley.”

 After the exhibit is over, Lundquist will donate his posters to the art department.

 The reason for this generous gesture is simple for the artist.

 “It is a medium that can be reproduced easily and my big motivator is that more people can see what I do,” Lundquist said.

 Lundquist lives in Santa Monica, Calif. and teaches part-time at Santa Monica College.

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