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People Poll: What is your favorite Halloween memory?

 Christie Baker
sociology and
anthropology major

“I guess the worst Halloween night was when some of my roommates got drunk and trashed my house.”

Verity Pearce
early childhood education

“My favorite Halloween memory would probably be when my friend and I went out to Wild Adventures and we got chased by a guy with a clown mask and he had a chainsaw.  That’s probably the worst memory but that’s probably the best one that I had.”

Stephen King
sports medicine major

“I dressed up as Sylvester and the back of the costume ripped.  I had to walk the rest of the night with a ripped costume, but it was still fun.”

Jhirmaine Williams
music major
“We were all home sitting in the family room watching tv and all of a sudden our doorbell rang, so we went and opened the door and it was  12 kids. They were about  11-years-old. They were like ‘Trick or treat!’ and my dad is Jamaican and he’s really old and he was said ‘We don’t participate.’ It was the funniest thing in the world. He leaned out the door and was like ‘We don’t participate,’ he was talking to the parents.”

Matt Godfrey
communications major

“My favorite Halloween memory, I think I was 12. I went over to a neighbor’s house, they had a haunted house set up and my football coach was lying inside of a coffin and I didn’t know he was the “fake” person and I really hadn’t cussed in front of anybody, but when he jumped out I was like ‘oh s***.’ I was really,
really scared.”

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