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New Blazer Gilbert stands above the competition

  This season the VSU basketball team has an asset not many others can call their own.
A man that can stand eye to eye with Shaquille O’Neil.

 Reginald Gilbert, a junior criminal justice major, stands at 7 feet and only an inch below Shaq’s listed height of 7 foot-1-inch.

 Gilbert transferred to VSU from Daytona State College after playing for two years.

 While some big men lack athleticism, this is not the case with Gilbert, who admitted he could shoot the ball from outside, if the coach will allow him. Statistics support his case, as he went 11-20 from three-point range as a sophomore at Daytona State. 

Even though he can shoot from outside, he is usually found in the post grabbing rebounds.

Gilbert’s aforementioned athleticism, however, doesn’t show only on the court.

 “Bowling, pool, golf, I play almost every sport to be honest with you,” Gilbert said.

 While many players play basketball because of their height, Gilbert said he has been playing all of his life and still loves to play.

 Gilbert has always been tall, but a real growth spurt came while he was an upperclassman in high school.

 “Eleventh grade year I grew about six inches,” Gilbert said.

 According to Gilbert, there are no annoyances or troubles about being seven feet tall, except for the amount of people who ask his height. And that certainly doesn’t hurt his ability to pull down rebounds on the basketball court.

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