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Softball players speak out

 The VSU women’s softball team is more than ready to start the 2011 softball season.  After ending the season with a 51- 9 record, the girls are ready to take it all the way to the top again this year.

 Unfortunately, the girls suffered a loss in the Championship game of the World Series to Hawaii Pacific University; however, they have taken that loss with a grain of salt and are ready to start all over again, while keeping one goal in mind: winning.

Q: How did it feel making it all the way to the championship game of the World Series, and then not winning the title?
A: “It felt like someone stabbed us in the heart,” Collie Rollins, junior, 1st baseman said.  “We were leading the entire game until the 5th inning.”

Q: Who do you think will bring the most to the team this year as far as talent and leadership?
A: “That’s a hard question,” Melissa Jackson, senior center, said. “We have three captains, but everyone does a good job at picking each other up at bad times. We feed off each other. No one person is better than the other.”

Q: Are there any new players or coaches on the team this year?
A: “There are 3 freshmen, 4 transfers, 1 new pitching coach, and two graduate assistants that played last year,” April Hutchins, 2nd baseman, said.  “Everyone has been a great asset to the team, especially our pitching coach. She’s done an amazing job already.”

Q: What game are you all looking forward to this year, like your biggest rival?
A: “University of Alabama in Huntsville.”
A: “When I came in as a freshman I was brought in knowing that they were our rival,” Kate Ann Hill, sophomore pitcher, said. “That’s always our closest game.  They have great hitters, good defense and it’s always our closest game in score. Really, it could always be anyone’s game.”

Q: Do you all have any team rituals?
A: “Yep. We pray before every game, and set goals for ourselves,” Marty Littlefield, junior shortstop, said. “We also always hit that sign (points to the “know it” sign in softball locker room), before every game.”

Q: What’s the difference between the VSU women’s softball team and every other softball team?
A: “We’re prettier!” Marty Littlefield said.
A: “We don’t play cocky or dirty, we play confident,” Ashley Steifhiliber said.

Q: What do you all need to work on to ensure victories all the way throughout the year? 
A: “We’re better than we think, and have to take advantage of that,” Hutchins said.

Q: What is your formula for success this year?
A: “It’s the same formula every year,” Thomas Macera, head coach, said. “Team chemistry.  You can have the best players in the world, but if they can’t play well together, then what do you really have?”

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