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Non-students cause scenes in library

 There can be found, at all times of the day, any number of locals who use the resources that the campus library is legally obliged to offer to the public.

 In the past though, there have been several altercations that have occurred in the library that involved non-VSU students. 

 “There have been incidents in the library that resulted in campus police being called,” Interim University Librarian Director, Alan Bernstein, said.

 These people are not allowed back into the library as most of them have had community trespass warrants issued against them. 

 Instances like these have not proved to be of significant detriment to the VSU community.  

 Many students are not aware of the turmoil that a few non-students have brought with them.

 “I don’t really care, as long as it doesn’t bother me or my studies,” Ben Young, junior history major, said.

 Arianna Villegas, freshman biology major, agreed saying she doesn’t notice non-students much because she’s there to get a book and then leave.

  “We have a lot of regular locals that come in and use our computers,” reference librarian, Elizabeth Barwick, said. “None of them have ever been really problematic though.”

 VSU, as an “open campus,” must make its library available to anyone, whether or not they associate with the school, who want to check out books, use a computer or find a quiet place to read.

 Some students, though, don’t think Valdostans should be allowed in the VSU library because there is a separate public library in Valdosta.

 “I feel they’re not enrolled here nor are they paying the money we pay,” said Angelica Morris, senior early childhood and special education major.  “The public library is free and that’s what it’s there for.”

 There is even a set of four computers next to the second floor reference desk that do not require a VSU login for access that is specifically meant for use by anyone that is not VSU affiliated. 

 “We have four community computers at the moment,” Gallant said. “We’re a federal repository of government documents, and so we need to provide access for those who seek government documents including online ones.”

   High school students are even welcomed to use the library but must be accompanied by an adult if under 16 years old.

 There is really no effective system to determine a VSU student from a non-student. It is however, the libraries priority to ensure that the students are served first.

 “We want to make sure student computers, that students pay for with technology fees are only accessible by students,” reference librarian Jeff Gallant said.

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