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Cheddar’s offers great quality, prices

 If you’re looking for a nice atmosphere, cheap prices and quality food, then look no further—these are just a few of the things you’ll find at Cheddar’s.

 The restaurant opened for business last December and has quickly become a hot spot for Valdosta dining.

 The restaurant is quite nice, boasting three different scenery seating sections.

 On one side, is the bar area filled with televisions for watching sports and a full bar for drinks.

 Another side of the restaurant offers seating for a more intimate gathering, but the restaurant does not have much space to accommodate a large party of 10 or more.
 The prices of the food were pretty reasonable for the portions given. 

 I ordered the chicken fingers and shrimp platter that came with two sides, all for $9.99.

 I was pleasantly surprised when the rather large shrimp and chicken strips were brought to me.

 The appetizers ranged from about $4-$7 and the most meals were between $7 and $11.

 Prices for drinks were also cheaper than the norm, having alcoholic beverages ranging from $4-$7.

 The food was very delicious. Everything from the spinach dip appetizer to the main entrée’  was cooked to perfection. The portions were large and generous.
 However, the service was not up to par with the food and atmosphere. The wait for a table was extremely long, at an hour and 15 minutes.

 The waiter seemed to be overwhelmed with the orders, taking a long period of time to bring drinks, refills, and even things as simple as silverware and sauces to the table.
 The waiter even forgot to place two of my party’s orders and had re-do them once the rest of the table had received their food.

 Overall, the restaurant is a great place to dine. If the service gets better, then Cheddars will become one of the top places to eat in Valdosta.

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