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Registration should be efficient

The process of registering for classes should be more organized and not based on a first-come, first-served basis.
 Each one of us has been through the hassle and frustration of registering for classes. You wait for what seems like forever until the hour registration opens up. You have to type in each individual course, search for the particular course level and find one that best benefits you.

 This seems to take an eternity and even while all this goes on; your computer often slows down, or completely freezes. You realize that you have not registered for a single class, and now that class is full because other students were flooding the check boxes while your screen was loading. 

 In my opinion, registration is just a game of luck. In this case however, this luck cost a couple of thousand dollars. I’m not willing to place a bet on that type of money. I feel as if there should be an organized system for picking classes. Students should not have to wake up early in the morning to search for the best Wi-Fi spot. Students should also not have to race against the person sitting next to them for the same class when one person may need it while the other simply wants an extra hour.

 Classes should be based upon necessity, not first come first served. From the day the classes are advised, they should be also be assigned to students who require them. Basically if a student has to take a certain math class, he will automatically be placed into that class over a student who simply wishes to take it.

 This will prevent many students from taking classes to fill spaces and paying for hours that they really don’t need in the first place. It is careless of an educational facility to just open up registration and say “Pick!” College itself is supposed to be a place where students learn to be organized and on time.

 We have various systems of organization for the students themselves so why not have one for our classes? It is better to have an organized schedule than one with classes you were simply left with. No student wants their entire schedule to be an override.

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