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Anarchists out of hand (duh)

Thousands of anarchists plan to crash Prince William and Kate Middleton’s royal wedding at Westminster Abbey on April 29.

“(The disruption) will involve a lot of fireworks, it will involve a lot of people dressed in black, it will involve a lot of very, very loud music to try and hack all the mainstream media broadcasts of that day,” Charlie Veitch, leader of the protest group “Love Police Academy,” said to CNN.

United Kingdom anarchists have no real reason to exist. Under the current government, the royal family is monitored by a constitution and a parliament; they hold no tremendous power. Citizens even elect the members of Parliament. The country’s anarchists could be living under a much worse regime.

Anarchy might sound fantastic to those who do live under a tyranny. Unfortunately, it is still not the best option.

With any group, small or large, bad or good, there needs to be a governing force. That is why we have managers at jobs, chaperones on school trips or leaders for clubs. We need a responsible individual or assembly to keep the vast majority from going crazy.

We have rules to help guide the population, telling them what is and is not acceptable. As pesky as they might be, we need those too.

Just stop and imagine a land without laws. At first, the independence would be ravishing: Citizens stealing items and money galore. Speed junkies racing down streets. Animals running wild. People, young and old alike, partying with drinks and ex-illegal drugs. No one would hold back.

As this high of freedom winds down, the sober aftermath settles in. Desolate buildings now populate cities. Wrecked cars litter the streets. Murder and rape rates intensify. Petrified people flee from the ruins. Utopia has crumbled and fallen.

I am grateful that we do live in a republic. We can vote and contribute to our government. We have rights that many do not. Several come to seek our liberty; that is how wonderful it is.

But no matter how democratic your government is, you will have problems with it. For example, I don’t like the way the government is cutting into education to help solve the economy. I don’t think we should still be at war. I think if you can go to war at 18, you should also be able to drink. I don’t agree with every law, but I know we are better for them.

Some might think they can live freely and that they are smart and capable enough to make their own decisions—and this might be true; however, there will be people who will take advantage of and ruin anything good you give them. They are the reasons we have laws.

As far as the Love Police Academy goes, don’t protest the wedding. You might not like the royal family. You might not agree with their running of the country. But you need them.

Remember, radicals: An ungoverned world is a doomed world.

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  1. “You might not like the royal family. You might not agree with their running of the country. But you need them.”

    This appears to contradict your earlier admission that the Royal family has basically no actual power at all and is somewhat a vestige of our history. You can’t have it both ways! Clearly we would not “need them” if we had, for instance, a republic with president, elected second chamber and one of those written constitutions you guys do so well. hth

  2. Quote: “Anarchy might sound fantastic to those who do live under a tyranny. Unfortunately, it is still not the best option.”

    The author of this article clearly does not understand either anarchy, or tyranny.

  3. Whoever wrote this article has a very poor understanding of anarchist ideology. You sir / madam would be laughed out of the room in any serious philosophical debate on the subject. Before you write something I suggest you actually familiarize yourself with the subject matter rather than just scribble down your own ill informed and rather puerile notions.

  4. What we need is to MURDER people like you.

  5. Anarchists make no sense at all.

    Humans are the product of evolution, and like many herd animals crave stability from the group. Our ascension to where we are is further enhanced by having different ‘groups’ in the group to product goods and services as a specialization. This results in a diverse offering of goods at affordable prices.

    Rule of law and order in most democracies populated by a relatively educated and literate people is mostly fair and allows people to live peacefully. Destroy that and… well.. have you ever read “The Road”.

    Anarchists waste time preaching a political system (lack of system) that is incompatible with human behavior. Their time would be better spent helping the homeless.

  6. You are wrong, Anarcism is not a long term political ideology it is a reset tool. We used it to tear down the fascist power system kick out all partys and start society over.

    who wants to live in the fucking cesspool anymore…..

    Build and Destroy,,, you built it, we’ll destroy it

  7. Your tremendous ignorance about contemporary anarchist thought is astonishing and frankly you lack the ability to coherently address this issue.

  8. With all due respect, this writer presents a grossly distorted caricature of anarchism that would get him/her laughed off the page were it aimed at a more well known political minority. We don’t want chaos, we want self-determination and equal power in the hands all people rather than just the few politically and socioeconomically privileged folks who are able and allowed to become powerful today.

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