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New SGA: Get work done

 SGA is, as its name states, our Student Government Association. As such, this body has two main obligations to the VSU community: to govern, and to represent students.

 SGA says on its website that it “acts as a planning body as well as a legislative body to make the VSU experience the best that it can be.”

 In keeping with the description that our governing body provides for itself, the main point on the agenda for the new administration—regardless of who takes over—should be making our university the best place it can possibly be for current and future students as well as our faculty and staff.

 Hopefully, the new administration will find better things to discuss at their meetings than dress code and snack rules.

 We look forward to the new SGA administration and hope that it will work closely with students as well as the university administration.

 SGA should be the voice of the student body. Students should be able to voice their concerns to the SGA who in turn pass them on to those who actually have the power to make the changes that students want or need.

 Students do not need empty promises. Candidates can campaign as they wish and make any promises they want. They have freedom of speech and expression like anyone else on campus; however, if a candidate makes a promise during their campaign, that candidate needs to keep that promise once elected.

 Keep that in mind as you vote for SGA officers or think of it in hindsight if you have already voted. Vote for a candidate that you believe in, whoever that may be. Don’t vote for someone who makes a campaign promise that you do not believe they can keep.

 Students do not always need big changes; sometimes it’s the baby steps that matter most. For instance, boosting attendance at meetings would be a good place to start. Once more students start attending SGA meetings, more student voices can be heard. No SGA officer can work “for the students” if he or she has no idea what the students want.

 We want an involved SGA, one that’s involved not only in the affairs of the SGA itself, but also involved with the decisions that the university makes and in student activities. Most importantly, SGA needs to be in touch with the whole VSU community—teachers, students, and staff.

 We hope that getting everyone more involved with SGA, and SGA getting more involved with the community, will make for a better and stronger university.

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  1. It’s funny how you mention students don’t always need big changes but baby steps matter most. In order for SGA to operate in a professional fashion, the CODE OF CONDUCT was needed. It is NOT just about snack rules. It is making sure our senators are following what is set for them in the by-laws and constitution. It also motivates students to get out and get involved with the student body. You must agree that senators need to get involved. So Amber, next you want to be hypocritical and say baby steps might be a good thing then bashing on the CODE OF CONDUCT, make sure you know your facts. That CODE OF CONDUCT was a baby step needed to put a professional air in the senate. Since then, each senator is attending the meetings following the dress code and doing a more efficient job in their committees. If you think you can do better well I’d like to see you try.

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