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People Poll: What do you think of Dr. Schloss resigning?

“I’m gonna be sad to see him go, he was a great man and did a lot of great things far the university. We are gonna be hard pressed to find someone as good as he is.”

Aaron Hatch
marketing major

“I think it sucks that he’s leaving. Who will take care of the major issues for the school now?”
Sarah Kangas
interior design major

“He’s resigning? Why?”
Dainel Kim
biology major

“Well it really doesn’t affect me.”
Marie Brown
middle grades education major

“I think it sucks that he’s leaving.”
Haleigh Watson
business major

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  1. These may be some of the only students that are sad to see Schloss’ departure and that may very well be because they did not know what Schloss was really like. Most of campus (including staff, faculty, and alumni) have been ready for this next step. I agree with “Just Saying”, Schloss is a poor representive of VSU and has bad mouthed anyone that does not agree with him. He is a bully and I wish more students were aware of his misleading persona. Lets hope the next president truly cares about VSU, the community, and our students!

  2. You all must not realize how bad he has brought down our University! He has lowered our standards for admission so bad that apparently those students must work for the spectator since they cannot get facts right on any subjects i.e. SGA article. Also he is completely unprofessional and he has been quoted saying to potential new students you all are worth 8,000 dollars. That is not the message that a President of a University should say. He should cast a positive image not a slob. I for one am nearing my graduation and find it the utmost embarrassing to know when I came to VSU four years ago it was an honor and looked at with respect. Now anyone can get in with his standards and the value of our degree has dropped. I hope that the new President will get us back on track and cut out a lot of these low standards. This is a University that has a tradition of being of high quality, not a tech school or junior college where some of the students at VSU should be.

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