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Armed Robbery near campus

An armed robbery took place this past Monday at the Little Jo Court apartment complex.

Around 9:15 pm, Jacob Meeks, a student at VSU was returning to his apartment after visiting the student union. An unidentified man followed him across the parking lot of Little Jo Court and then threatened him at gunpoint.

“I turned into the apartment complex and I was walking across the parking lot. Next thing I know I felt something on the back of my neck,” Meeks said. “At first, I thought someone was playing a joke on me, then I turned and saw the gun.”

“The guy just said ‘Give me your money,’ so I grabbed my wallet out of my pocket and handed it to him. It literally lasted less than a minute,” Meeks said.

The gunman took his wallet before fleeing the scene towards the campus. No one was harmed during the incident and Meeks did not loss any physical cash.

“I just had a couple credit cards and my I.D in my wallet. I don’t carry around any cash,” Meeks said.

Meek’s roommate Hans Louidor was witness to the entire scene. Louidor happened to be leaving their apartment around the same time Meeks was returning. Louidor claimed that he thought the man was just a friend of Meeks trying to catch up with him until he pulled out a gun.

Meeks and Louidor both claim to have been unable to get a proper look at the suspect and thus could not give a detailed description. Both described him as a short, black man wearing a bright yellow shirt.

According to Meeks, the gunman was not caught on any of the surveillance tapes from the nearby campus.

The gunman’s shirt was found on nearby Boone Drive shortly after police were on the scene. The area surrounding Little Jo Court was searched for any trace of the suspect. The police did find Meek’s stolen wallet lying on the ground, around a mile from the scene of the crime, on Melody Lane. The wallet has been returned to Meeks with all its original contents.

The police have yet to release an official report or statement about the incident.

Students received an emergency notification of the incident roughly an hour after the gunman had fled the scene, leading to a lot of talk, rumors, and concern to spread among students.

Meeks says that even though he was the victim of this incident he’s not too shaken up, but thinks that it’s important for other students to be aware when out alone.

“I’m from a small town and we had to deal with this kind of stuff there too. This kind of thing could happen anywhere,” Meeks said. “I guess it’s important for everyone to just be aware of your surroundings and be careful when out at night.”

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