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New Organizations on Campus

Part of being in college is the social experience—learning new things and connecting with fellow peers who share the same interests. Student Life, the office focused on the needs of the students from social to recreational, oversees campus activities and has a long list of student organizations eager for new members.

In fact, four new organizations have joined VSU as of July: the Junior College Panhellenic Council, Student Employment Advisory Committee, Valdosta State Swim Club and Beta Xi (VSU’s Chapter of Iota Iota Iota).

According to the Assistant Director for Student Life, Jennifer Stroble, any organizations wanting to apply for CampusConnect—the Student Life’s source for all organizations and their latest news—must have a written constitution, at least 10 members and an on-campus advisor of either faculty or staff.

The most recent addition to sports clubs and organizations alike is the Valdosta State Swim Club.

“The planning started in about March of this year, while I was still in high school,” Christopher Matthews, Vice President of the Swim Club, says. “Then Jordan Carhuff [President of the Swim Club] approached me in July […] and [we] founded the swim club.”

“We have actually had a great deal of people express interest in joining the club. I expect about twenty people to be in the club,” says Matthews. “We hope to enter in two or three swim meets over the year, traveling over Georgia and some of Florida.”

The Valdosta State Swim Club practices 6AM on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and 8PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The first meeting is Thursday at 8PM at the Recreational Center Pool.

Alongside the Valdosta State Swim Club, the Junior College Panhellenic Council (Junior CPC) is back for the new fall semester, as it is every fall.

“The Panhellenic Council is the programming and governing body of the six National Panhellenic Conference sororities at Valdosta State University,” the CPC webpage states.

If a woman joins a sorority at VSU, they are also enrolled as a member of the CPC.

“The Junior CPC is basically to help new pledges learn about being an elected leader within their sororities and the College Panhellenic Council,” Sara Grooms, President of the Panhellenic Council, says.

The first meeting, of which those chosen for consideration into CPC by their sisters, will be September 12.
“We give the girls at least a month to become acclimated with their sororities and with their new classes,” says Grooms.

With the proper training, these sororities hope to strengthen the bonds between the sisters and do great things in their community.

Organizations in VSU are not just built on the hope to make friends. Organizations on campus take opportunities to reach out to their community in various charity and academic works around town and in the university. Beta Xi, the honor society for Women’s Studies, is among them.

“The purpose of the Valdosta State University chapter is to encourage and support scholarship and excellence in Women’s Studies,” the CampusConnect profile states.

Students with a GPA of 3.0 and above and those obtaining a minor in Women’s Studies who have taken at least 6 credit hours in the field are invited to join Beta Xi.

“As a Women’s and Gender Studies Minor, I was motivated for mine and the rest of my fellow minor’s sake to further legitimize our place on campus and give us another badge for graduation and future resumes,” says President Samantha Bryant.

“Planning actually began without me, a year or so ago. Our adviser and former minors got approved by the National Triota organization and gave us our own chapter. But this summer, myself and fellow minors band together to actually get Beta Xi on its feet,” says Bryant.

“We are elated at our turnout!” says Bryant.

In their efforts to reach out to the community, Beta Xi is making great strides in expanding WGST’s efforts in “The Vagina Monologues” and Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

“[W]e’re super, super excited about starting a new tradition on campus during Sexual Assault Awareness Month by hosting a Slut Walk on campus,” Bryant says. “This opportunity to empower women and the community is something that really excites me personally and my fellow minors as well.”

Friday, August 26 in Carswell Hall, Beta Xi is hosting an Information Party and Meet-and-Greet to discuss the requirements of being a minor in Women’s Studies, Beta Xi and The Vagina Monologues. More information can be found out by calling 229-249-4842.

For those interested in more university-based work, the Student Employment Advisory Committee (SEAC) serves to act as a liaison between on-campus student employees and their supervisors.

According to the Valdosta State webpage, those who are interested in applying for the committee must be Student Assistants (Administrative Assistants, Resident Assistants, etc.), Work-Study Students or Graduate Students.

“The SEAC will allow students an opportunity to make their thoughts and opinions heard,” says the webpage.

By working in community-based services and hosting training seminars, the SEAC hopes to expand the experience students are given working on campus at VSU.

There are many opportunities to connect with students at VSU. For more information contact the Student Life office or visit their office located in the Student Union.

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