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Busines Bites: Providing cheap, convenient eats

Seven years ago, Business Bites was just a small trailer behind Pound Hall providing students on VSU’s North Campus with cheap and affordable food.

The Students in Free Enterprise made the decision to build Business Bites to cater mainly to students on North Campus, keeping students from leaving the campus just to eat.

According to one of the faculty advisors to SIFE , Jeffrie Shipley, the organization felt the need to expand from their original home in order to strengthen their business and better accommodate the students.

Therefore, in fall 2010, they closed the trailer, sold it, and did not reopen until they were able to move inside of Pound.

Business Bites is a student-run place that is dedicated to providing inexpensive food for those who may not want to leave campus.

All the workers at this company are members of SIFE, though their majors vary.

According to Shipley, all of the food is heated in microwaves due to lack of ventilation in Pound Hall .

“The design and the location of [the building] prevent the installation of such a system,” he said.

He also mentioned that the stairwell behind Business Bites and the Auditorium for Pound Hall above the ceiling of this company prevent the company from expanding.

The menu includes hot dogs, quesadillas, cheeseburgers, chimichangas, pop tarts, philly cheese steaks, and more. All are under four dollars, including each combo, which comes with a drink and a bag of chips. What more could you ask for, right?

Well, I was actually able to taste some of what this business has to offer.

After speaking with Shipley about this organization and the company, I decided to see exactly what it was that the students on North Campus were enjoying.

Right when I walked in, I could tell the dining area is one that is peaceful and quiet for students to possibly study while eating. The environment is extremely calm.

The student on the cash register waited patiently while I took my time pondering what I wanted to try.

I chose the grilled chicken sandwich combo, which was only $3.

My mouth was watering, ready to taste some really good food.

I was slightly disappointed. The grilled chicken was a little hard and burnt due to the server leaving it in the microwave too long. However, the part of the sandwich that wasn’t hard was tasty.

They didn’t have any more Lay’s barbeque chips so I had to settle for Miss Vickie’s Smokehouse BBQ kettle cooked chips. The taste is not the same.

The only thing that I was truly satisfied with was my can of Pepsi.

The server, Lauren Walker, senior economics major , did have a bubbly personality, though. She mentioned that her favorite part about working at Business Bites is the fact that she gets the great opportunity to meet other students and she feels that working with different types of personalities will help her better prepare for her future.

All in all, Business Bites does have some potential to grow even further.

There are a few things that they should work on, for example, figuring out a better way to prepare the food.

However, the environment and ambiance is great. I give it 3 out of 5.

Maybe, in the future, it will become a 5-star restaurant.

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