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Facebook rearranges face

So Facebook has done it again. Those shifty guys have thought that a new redesign of the already overloading website would be a terrific idea considering that we are dealing with a new redesign every six months. What are we lowly peons supposed to do in the face of this controlling force? How is the world going to run without knowing how the newsfeed option works? I’ve got two words for you. Who cares?

If you are having a big issue with Facebook, you can easily go online and pick a different social networking site. When I say different, I really mean whatever you want is out there. Tumblr and LinkedIn have sprouted up on the scene for those of an older and more eclectic crowd, and Google+ for those front runners in the tech fields. Then in-between those are countless other social networking sites that have become a staple of the Web 2.0 users.

If you have a particular interest in Norwegian death metal then there is a plethora of websites, blogs, forums and groups that you can become a part of while relating to your new online friends.

So, I’ve shown you that there are many other sites that you can use if you are tired of the Facebook updates and the never-ending comments on how cute that ugly baby is. But there is a down side to all this choice.

We hate change. It is just a fact. People have been on Facebook now for more than six years. We’ve accumulated thousands of friends, pictures, videos, posts and all the personal settings of using a dedicated website to the point that we wouldn’t know what to do if Facebook shuts down. We have already discovered all the friends on Facebook and don’t plan on trying the same task on another site.

Yes, I’m in the same boat as everyone else with my constant hate of the updating and changes that Facebook has gone through.

But I’ve realized something; Facebook isn’t just another entertainment tool or blogosphere site where we can complain about the new direction a certain music artist is going. Facebook is the extension of our personal lives into cyberspace. Not to mention that EVERYONE is also using this extension to communicate with each other.

I hate that I catch myself sometimes referring to a Facebook post in conversation. It makes me sound like a hipster trying to derive what is cool, but it is more than that now. We are living in the 21st century with the ability to alter our perception on the virtual scale. It is embedded in our lives with a collection of our memories and information.

To jump to another site is asking a little much from the average user. If you don’t believe me, go and create a Google+ account. Starting from scratch has never been a more daunting task.

So, you can go ahead and have fun with those teething moments on Google+ or another network. I’m perfectly fine in my lazy status updates that happen maybe once a week. My life is too full already for more than one network and Facebook as a default is mine.

Chock it up to laziness, but I would rather use my spare time on the Internet more constructively, like playing “Battlefield 3” or “Forza Motorsport 4.” Now that is what I call entertainment.

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