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Pop Addict: Ladies make bank, Peas go on hiatus, new tracks drop

It’s October and not only does it mean fall is here and calling for a wardrobe change, but it’s time for the ladies to check those Ta-Tas!

Duh! Its Breast Cancer Awareness month so if you haven’t changed everything that has a picture on a social network to a pink ribbon then go ahead and do so to spread the word. And ladies, seriously, get your boobies checked!

As I said, fall is here and of course it’s “cuffing season” so ladies it’s time to pull a rabbit out a hat and make sure that rabbit has all the right equipment that is necessary for the weather change!

According to Forbes new list of highest paid women, there are a few girls who can buy their love.

Of course Oprah would be taking home the bread—and the bacon, and the eggs—in first place with $290 mil.

Then the Monster Mother herself, Lady Gaga swoops in to claim slot 2 with $90 mil.

In third is NY Times Best Seller & Celebrity Natural Food Chef, Bethenny Frankel with $55 mil.

There were quite a few surprises on the list, one being that baby-bump-bearing Beyoncé came in ninth with $35 mil and sweet Taylor Swift in seventh. And who would think day-time TV’s queen of the courtroom, Judge Judy would hold down sixth place?

While these women make it rain on us unworthy peasants, VH1’s Basketball LA jump-off Draya was put on blast by the reporter who threw her dirty baggage out of the closet when the show premiered in Aug.

The reporter, Steve Henshaw, said that everything he wrote about Draya in the Sept. 16 edition of Eagle was accurate because it was a police report and Henshaw called the officer who wrote the report to confirm it.

It looks like the cat is out the bag, Draya, so sit your broke tail down.

Speaking of other garden tools that need to sit down, why does Perez Hilton have a picture up on his site questioning Lindsey Hoe-Han about a cutting?

While the pic is very suggesting, why would we care? That crazy sleaze goes from getting throwed in public to flashing her va-jage to the camera. We know she’s capable of anything these days.

While Linds try to cover up her arms in future pics, The Black Eyed Peas have disturbed me with this devastating news.

Pause…It’s out that the Peas are breaking up! Gasp—I know! It’s such a tragedy for the pop world and, my gosh, what will happen to the other two in the group?

We all know Will.i.am will be ok and Fergie can still can pull off some gigs here and there—even with that horrible nose job—but what will the other two do?

Leaving the drama behind, Nicki “big booty” Minaj is back at it again. This time she has teamed up with Big Sean to remix his “Dance (A**)” track and little Willow Smith with her new jam “Fireball” (which didn’t rub me right but maybe it’s for her generation cause I couldn’t get with that).

And Nicki’s not the only thing making moves and laying down tracks, Odd Future’s R&B crooner, Frank Ocean is turning heads fast with his new jam, “Thinking About You,” which he has a crazy, deep video that you can find on Global Grind.

However, Frank won’t be using the track per-se because he gave it to RocNation’s new kid on the block Bridget Kelly who did the song some justice (YouTube her).

Kelly has been seen with “Jigga Man” Jay on tours and filled in for Alicia Keys in Empire State of Mind.

If she’s good enough for a road trip with Hov, then she’s good enough for me.

Well kids, that’s all I have for you guys this week! There’s so much I didn’t get to cover that I have to remember next time. NBA fans, all I can say is, sorry, maybe China, Spain and Great Britain have jerseys for your favorite players now since the lockout is looking rough. Who knows? It might be a special Madden version just for the occasion.

No matter what, stay positive, keep those grades up and get out of school—loans are hell to pay back.

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