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VSU welcomes new faculty members

With the growing student body bringing in more revenue, VSU was able to hire over 60 new professors for the new school year.

New Faculty members have become a part of the VSU staff.

With new faculty members in over 20 departments, VSU has a grand total of 60 new professors who are teaching this year. Even though all of the Colleges received at least one new professor, the College of Arts and Sciences received the most professors.

VSU Vice President Philip Gunter said that VSU was very fortunate this year to hire several new faculty members with outstanding credentials.

Many of the new professors replaced some of the 59 faculty members who either resigned or retired last year.

Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs Sharon L. Gravett mentioned how VSU’s growing student body gives VSU the option of hiring more professors.

Gravett also said that each professor was chosen based on their strong academic background.

Many of the new professors have taught or conducted research in foreign countries.

Eric Chambers, one of the new biology professors, is among one of the professors who have conducted research overseas.

VSU new faculty held an orientation earlier in the semester geared towards preparing the new members for the school year.

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