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Break leads to empty classrooms

Thanksgiving is around the corner and some students have began plotting their schemes of early departures for Turkey Day. Many students don’t attend Monday and Tuesday classes in order to leave town earlier and spend more time with families.

“Well, everyone I know gets a week, even high schoolers,” said Anslee Hutson, a sophomore astronomy major. “I know people whose families are leaving them because they have the full break off—not fair.”

Thanksgiving break begins Wednesday and Thanksgiving is Thursday, giving students only one day to travel to their destinations before grubbing out on a bounty of foods.

Some students would rather the break start Monday, giving students the weekend to travel and more time to spend with families.

An empty classroom is a common sight the Monday and especially the Tuesday before the holiday. Students frequently take the two days off to get a head start on their vacation, leaving a sad looking classroom behind.

“I see about 75 percent take off,” Patrick Davis, a junior sports medicine major said. “Most people need the extra time to get home.”

A first time Spanish professor at VSU, Fleming Bell, is already prepared for the drop off in class size.

“I’m expecting about half maybe,” said Bell.

Blake Jones, a junior financing major agreed that about half of students won’t show up for class Monday and Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

Dean of Students Russell Mast has his own thoughts on the noticeable decrease in attendance during the two days prior to the break and warns students against it.

“I went to my Monday and Tuesday classes when I was in school,” said Mast. “I would recommend they go.”

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