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PopAddict: A Twittery tea party

Hello guys and dolls, pull out your cups because I am serving some tea!

Madonna wanted all the young girls to know that she was the queen during her Super Bowl Halftime show. Although she couldn’t move like she used to, Madge showed us why ,to some, she is the Queen of Pop.

The Award for Unnecessary use of the middle finger goes to rapper M.I.A. The UK rapper flipped the finger in the middle of her performance with Madonna and Nicki Minaj.

As for Nicki, I would like to know the purpose of lip synching while you rap.

Gisele Bundchen came to the rescue to her equally attractive husband Tom Brady after his Super Bowl loss. After being heckled by Giant fans, Bundchen turned to her friends and said” My husband cannot f––ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time.” She also talked about Brady’s receivers. “I can’t believe they dropped the ball so many times,” she said.
Rihanna is at it again. In another display of the freaky world of Rihanna, she tweeted Evelyn Lozada asking her if Ochocinco would mind sharing her. Evelyn replied back “ three is a crowd #KicksOchotothecurb.”

Speaking of Ocho, he is tired of the name and is going back to Chad Johnson. In his own words Chile, please.

So Kim “72 days strong” Kardashian has a new friend in Leann Rimes. The two women have bounded over of all things bible study. Hallelujah, I guess!

Rumors are swirling around Grammy rehearsal saying Rihanna and Chris Brown have been spending time in Chris’s dressing room.

The Grammys are highly anticipated for a lot of fans because Adele will perform for the first time since her vocal cord surgery. I don’t know about you guys but I am stoked.

Mark your calendars for Feb. 12 for the Grammys with L.L. Cool J hosting.

NeNe Leakes has been playing NeNe Leakes the swim coach on Glee. I have to be honest she was actually good as Roz Washington. Her battle with Sue Sylvester was epic.

The Reunion that we could have done without came on this Monday. Love and Hip Hop could have kept that episode recap they did. The only things I took away from it was Chrissy still hates Yandy, Kimbella has got cheated, Somaya is over it and Olivia is the little engine that never will.

Katy Perry and Russell brand have reached a divorce agreement.

Rumor has that Katy Perry has a crush on Tim “Stay prayed up” Tebow.

Beyonce finally came out during Jay-Z’s show at Carnegie Hall serving the masses with mommy curves.

When will we finally see Blue Ivy?

Speaking of Blue, you know you are everything when your parents have to trademark your name because someone else is trying to. Fashion Designer Joseph Mbeh was hoping to trademark the name for his children clothes.

X-Factor is looking for new judges and a host. Simon Cowell has fired Nicole Scherzinger, Paula Abdul and host Steve Jones. Judges on Cowell’s wish list are Madonna, Beyonce, and Katy Perry.

Time to wash out the cups! As always come on back because I will be serving tea that is guaranteed to be steaming!

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