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The Electoral College remains an outdated sign of the past

The time has come to ask whether citizens of the U.S need representation through which to vote for the leaders of our country.

The Electoral College, which consists of the electors appointed by each state that then elect the President and Vice President of the U.S is unnecessary.

Why should we have any form of middle man when it comes to voting?

Are they afraid that we aren’t capable of expressing what and who we want in office?

Don’t we as the American people have the right to designate exactly who we want to be our leader?

Let’s have a definition of what democracy is to the average American.

“Democracy is for the people, by the people,” Rebecca Stiller, a business management and political science major, said.

“If this is really true, then why do we need an electoral college to vote for president as well? What if for some reason the candidate that the people elect isn’t good enough for them? Should we just be stuck with their choice?”

Like Stiller, a lot of Valdosta State University students share the same sentiments.

Some believe though that a compromise of sorts can be worked out, without totally eliminating the Electoral College and giving the people the choice they want.

“Maybe we could vote on a candidate and whoever gets the most votes for the states in that region, that’ll be the person to get the electoral votes,” Seth Youmans, biology major, said.

It’s a personal choice, an expression of the very freedom that we as a people should have.

The government is treating us like little children. We want power and recognition as individuals, but we are being pushed aside and patronized.

To me it seems they’re saying: “Let them think they have power.”

Are we like the toddler in the kitchen, banging on pots and pans?

Believing we’re helping mom prepare dinner?

Do we live in a guise of a make believe democracy?

One thing is for sure, the average American (student anyway) believes the Electoral College is unnecessary, and I wholeheartedly agree.

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