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Police protection stifling

 The police are here to assist us when we’re in predicaments. People shouldn’t be afraid to ask for their help.  It seems common that a lot of people are afraid of the police. It’s typical that people view police officers as “out to get us” as opposed to a symbol of protection.

   It is unfortunate that officers sometimes abuse their authority and take things out of hand. I will never forget the first time I witnessed this my freshman year here at VSU. Two officers used unnecessary force on a student who wasn’t even resisting arrest.   They literally threw him on the pool table and were both on top of him twisting his arms behind his back.

   When people witness isolated occurrences such as this, they get a harmful idea that the police are abusing their power.

   “I think police officers are over-the-top sometimes,” Ranesha Jackson, a senior early childhood education major, said. “I shouldn’t be hesitant to get the cops involved if I myself am in trouble because I’m afraid I’ll be treated unfairly.”

   We shouldn’t hold such a negative connotation of officers but how can it be helped if you hear or witness stories of “injustice”? People are afraid that they will get into more trouble than absolutely necessary.

   Rape victims as well are tentative to involve the police. Victims shouldn’t be afraid of being treated unfairly. Victims need to feel protected, not disrespected.   They do not need attitude from an officer who thinks that all women ask for it just because they are dressed a certain way.

   I believe people who belong to different ethnic groups have the hardest time with the police, especially in small southern towns.   People of different skin tones/colors should not be treated differently because of racism.  

Everyone deserves respect.

   Your position as a police officer does not make you above the law nor any better than anyone else.

  Bottom line: Police officers are here to protect us, make us feel safe and help us no matter what the situation. Not all officers can be held in a negative light but there are major improvements that are needed to be done. The first being attitude adjustments.

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