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The Love Game: Forgive and forget


 This is a word that requires time.

 It requires patience, as well as,effort.

 True enough, events happen that make you lose your trust in someone. Once a relationship has lost trust, it becomes pretty difficult to revive it.

 But through honest and open communication, you can learn to trust again, only if you forgive your partner and move forward to a happier future.

 Not putting your all into moving away from those hurtful experiences can hinder not only yourself internally, but your relationship, as well. You could harbor resentment, which leads to misplaced trust.

 The amount of effort you put into the relationship is equal to the quality of the relationship as a whole.

 The worst thing you can do is not forgive and be left with regrets later.

 “[D]on’t let your past experiences keep you from putting your heart out there again,” says a rep. for Seventeen Magazine.

 Experience is meant to teach you lessons, not hold you back.

 Trust is a two-way street—in order to get over the bigger problems, you and your partner must both be willing to rebuild your trust.

 Trust is like a game of hide and seek, it’s still there waiting to be found—you just gotta go look for it!

A person that cannot trust is a person scorned
A relationship without trust is one that will be mourned
It is a necessity for both sides of the human race
It is something that needs a few moments of pure and sheer grace.

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