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An Editor’s daring departure: Ready to leave the school’s safety net

My time at the Spectator is drawing to a conclusion. I’m heading into a new world as a writer, an actor, and an adult. In California, no less. Score!

 A lot of graduating students I’ve known have spoken of their overwhelming sense of sadness at leaving college.

 They expressed how un-adult they felt, and how fearful they were of taking care of themselves without the safety net of school.

 I don’t share their sadness. I’m ready to move on.

 The Spectator has been a learning experience, one full of kind people and grueling schedules. It taught me about teamwork, resilience, and working on a deadline.

 But I’m looking forward to finding new outlets for my creativity and energy.

 I liked being a college student. But I love being an adventurer so much more.

 If I stayed in Valdosta, my growth as an artist and a person would be more stunted than the economy. Be happy for me when you read this.

 Leonard Cohen once sang, “There’s a blaze of light in every word/It doesn’t matter which you heard.” I took what I could from this college, this town, and its people. I’ll miss you. Peace.

Mikayla Beyer
Opinions Editor

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  1. Mikayla, I found your article on the War on Drugs to be a very accurate portrayal of the status on this War and the differing of opinions that support and/or don’t support this war. I wish you well in your new endeavors.

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