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Students make predictions on NBA playoffs, MVP candidates

 As the regular season concludes, a hot topic amongst NBA fans these days is who going to win the regular season’s most valuable player award and what team could potentially take it all.   The debate about the MVP award has become a two man race between Kevin Durant and LeBron James.    

Both guys are very important part to their teams and are having great statistical seasons.  Durant is on his way to scoring his third straight scoring title.   

While Durant is averaging 27.9 points, 8.0 rebounds, and 3.5 assist, LeBron is averaging 27.1 points, 7.9 rebounds, and 6.2 assist.    Their numbers are so similar making this race very interesting.    

Durant seems to think that James deserves the honor.   Durant told the Oklahoman, “He deserves all the love (for MVP).He’s playing phenomenal basketball. I’m just trying to get better every single game and trying
to help my team as much as I can. I’m just blessed to be in that conversation.”    Several Valdosta State University students don’t seem to agree with Durant.
“I think Durant is going to be the MVP because the Thunder wouldn’t be where they are without him,” said Samson Adeboye, senior philosophy major.   “I feel the Heat can without LeBron even though his numbers are better.”

 The debate between who deserves the award most can go on forever and unlike most seasons there isnt anyone who is a definite winner.

 Chad Ross, a sophomore biology major, although a LeBron fan thinks Kevin Durant will be MVP.

 “Durant will be MVP because America already gave one to Lebron and he didn’t complete the MVP status with a championship so American will give Durant the chance this time”, said Ross.

 Sabir Muhammad, a junior mass media major feels that LeBron will win but that is not his first choice.

 “I think the regular season MVP to me should be Tony Parker, but they might give it to LeBron anyways. I don’t think he (LeBron James) deserves it more than Tony but with the type of spotlight LeBron and Miami have its easy to overlook less entertaining teams like the Spurs,” said Muhammad.

 It’s hard to deny what Muhammad said.    The San Antonio Spurs have the No.1 seed in the West and have been playing spectacular basketball.    Under Coach Greg Popovich, a candidate for Coach of the Year, it’s a wonder why the Spurs being overlooked.

 Let’s not forget the last time that there was a condensed season the Spurs beat the aging New York Knicks.

 San Antonio has been under the radar all season long winning games with unpopular players.

 Abedoye like Muhammad doesn’t count the Spurs out.

 “I pick the Spurs to win it all because they are my favorite team and they are hot right now,”said Abedoye.   “I see a Heat-Spurs final. I pick the Heat because they are the best team in the East.  I say it will be a seven game series with Spurs taking it all and Tony Parker as the Finals MVP.”

 The Spurs are 1-0 in Finals against LeBron James.

 “I say Miami wins a 4-2 series to the Thunder,” said Ross.    “They (Miami Heat) have the experience and LeBron will win the MVP because American loves to hate you and love you”.    The young OKC team, the aging Spurs, or the showtime Lakers will compete to represent the West in the NBA finals.

 “I predict a Thunder-Bulls final with OKC winning in 6 games and K.D. winning MVP”, said Muhammad.

 Predictions are nice but be prepared for a shocking post season.   Never count the underdog out and never doubt the power that veteran teams have.   So buckle and enjoy the ride that is going to be the 2012 NBA playoffs.

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