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Men’s club soccer get the ball rolling in September

 VSU is finally going Division I, at least for the men’s soccer club.
As a Division II college, VSU’s varsity teams don’t play against schools outside of their Division. Club sports are allowed to play against any school that plays in their conference which may include Division I schools.

 The club will be playing against colleges such as Florida A&M, Florida State, University of Georgia, Georgia Tech, and Georgia Southern.

 Being in their 2nd year in the Southeast Collegiate Soccer Alliance, which is a regional league in the NIRSA(National  Intramural-Recreational Sports Association), the players themselves are excited to be able to compete with large schools.

 Many people might confuse the word “team” with “club.”

 Varsity sports are funded by their respective schools and compete in games organized by large organizations and associations such as the NCAA with other large sponsors with financial backing.

 Club sports are usually funded by the team members in the club and sponsors that may support them.

 Training regiments vary greatly between varsity and club sports as well.

 “Varsity sports are gonna [have] top tier athletes and takes dedication with working out and practicing every day,” Brian Smith, the intramural and club sports graduate assistant, said. “It’s a huge commitment.”

 Even though varsity sport teams work hard, club sports don’t slouch either.

  “They [club sports] do have two or three practices a week as well as travel in the week and some weekends. It’s not as high a level as varsity, and it’s not just an intramural sport where they’re just showing up once a week, playing their game, and they don’t really practice or anything.”

 Credit is due to Michael Bulostin, president and treasurer of the team, according to Smith.

  “[He’s] getting things scheduled, practices organized, and getting funds for the team through sponsorship,” Smith said.

 Allan Katzef and Alec Kronitz, two players on the team, think the team has a lot of potential. Both players scored goals in a preseason game against VSU’s Women’s soccer team. With a roster of eighteen players, they were able to beat the Women’s soccer team 2-0.

 The club’s season opener is on Sept. 16 at FAMU. The home opener will be Sept. 23 against University of Florida.

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