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Off the wall and around the bend: celebrities gone wild

Hello again,  my fellow pop culture enthusiasts– It’s Anthony  bringing you all the ratchiness, thirstiness and WTF moments that had us ALL talking this week.

Every couple of years a celebrity couple pops up leaving us all scratching our heads. Pop singer Avril Lavigne had everyone talking when she announced that she was engaged to Nickleback frontman Chad Kroeger.

The two, who no one knew were dating, met after Kroeger helped Lavigne write new music for her upcoming album.

Hmm–when the frontman for a band whose music all sounds the same, helps a singer whose musical talent is already questionable — there are no winners.

The thing about random celebrity relationships is more often than not they usually don’t work out– Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes anyone? This one is so off the wall that it just might last. We can only hope that they choose to focus on planning their wedding instead of making more music; our ears are pleading with them.

In other news, the royal family was rocked by scandal when nude photos of Prince Harry were posted online by TMZ. The photos in question show Harry horsing around with friends in a Vegas hotel room. — Side eye.

Having always been the “wild one” of the royal family, these photos should come as no surprise to anyone who knows about the prince’s party boy past. Being only third in line to the throne, I can see why Harry would feel the need to do as he pleases. Without the watchful eye of Queen Elizabeth, I’m guessing Harry had a few wild oats to sow.

Rumors also swirled that Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte was at the same hotel party as Harry, but no photos of him have surfaced–for now.  I guess we are going to have to come up with a new catchphrase for when someone goes to Vegas.  Apparently “what happens in Vegas “eventually winds up on TMZ.

In other news–you ready for it? The blogs were buzzing early Saturday morning with numerous media outlets reporting that “Jersey Shore” star Nicole ‘Snookie’ Polizzi had gone into labor and given birth to a baby boy named Lorenzo.

This is the first child for the MTV star and fiancé Jionni, who found out she was pregnant while filming her Jersey Shore spin off “Snookie & JWoww.”

The show, up until Snooki found out she was pregnant, followed the reality stars as they went around doing random things and causing mayhem throughout out New Jersey and New York City.

The show debuted to dismal ratings, which goes to show you that America would rather watch a drunken Snooki hump inanimate objects and eat pickles than shop for baby clothes.

Now time for another episode of “former child stars need to get their life together.” Former child star Amanda Bynes was involved in a car accident in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles.  Normally this wouldn’t be news, but since this is Byne’s’ fourth– yes fourth– automobile related incident within the last six months, it made headlines.

This follows Byne’s D.U.I arrest back in April, two hit and run incidents in May and June and now we can add this one to the list. Newsflash–get a limo driver. Or she could always hitch a ride with Lindsay Lohan– she has a perfect driving record, right?

Keep reading pop addict next week for everything wild crazy and pop culture. Until next time my fellow pop addicts!       

Slang used:

 Ratchet-(adj)- describes a person or activity that is out of hand, out of control,  and or out of the ordinary.

 Thirsty– (adj) describes a person who acts in a desperate or disgraceful manner that is frowned upon by the general public

Side- eye– (noun) – a look given after a questionable event, saying, or activity has occurred

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