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The Love Game: Learning to compromise

When in a relationship, it’s impossible for both partners to agree on everything. There will be some clashing of different opinions, views and thoughts.

This is where compromise and sacrifice both come in to play. Though these two relationship elements tend to be a struggle to achieve for some people, it’s worth the battle in the end when both partners become victors.

Celebrity mental health professional, known simply as Dr. Phil, explains why people hate to not get what they want and why compromise is important.

“Manage your expectations,” Dr. Phil said. “What makes people upset is not what happens in their [life], but when their expectations are violated. Be realistic.”

For those who may find difficulty with this process, take heed to the following simple steps which we’re sure will help you in your relationship.

See where the differences lie. If you and your partner are having a disagreement, the best thing to do is to figure out where your opinions vary before things get worse. Remember, it is not about who is right, but what solution will benefit both sides.

Try to find common ground. When you and your partner know where the disagreement starts, you can figure out how each perspective is the same. Though you may not always agree, it’s the things we have in common with our significant others that brings us together—sometimes. Other times, it’s the fact that he or she has traits that are different that fuels the attraction. Find out, in the given situation, what those commonalities are. It will help change the mood of the disagreement when you know you have common ground with one another.

Take turns with the compromise or sacrifice. Figure out what you’re willing to give up for the other person. Even if the disagreement is small–and possibly not even worth the battle in the first place– it’s important to take what you’ve learned from examining your differences and similarities, and explore what options are open for you so everyone wins–and loses–equally.

“A solid relationship is based on an underlying friendship and is a function of how well it meets the needs of the two people involved,” Dr. Phil said. “Find out your partner’s needs.”

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