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Ultimate Frisbee team growing fast

 With the motto, “Think Before You Throw,” the ultimate Frisbee club can’t wait to start playing in tournaments.  The next tournament is on Oct. 13 in Central Florida at the Kennel Kickoff.

 VSU’s ultimate Frisbee club plans to win big this year with a huge improvement to its roster.

Position is key in the game of ultimate Frisbee, because once you have the Frisbee in your hands you are not allowed to move again until you throw it. Like football, the ultimate goal is to get the disc into your team’s hands in the end zone.

It’s a stamina driven sport.

 “A lot of people don’t understand how fast the sport actually is,” Craig Bell, one of the four captains and vice-president of the ultimate Frisbee club, said.

 Bell, along with Matthew and Michael Pigg, and Kevin Swords are the four captains of the ultimate Frisbee club.

 The club is in the USA Ultimate Frisbee organization which governs tournaments and regions for ultimate Frisbee games between Division I, II, and III schools. This year they’ll be playing schools including Florida State, Florida, Emory, College of William and Mary, and Notre Dame.

 Gavin Vawter, one of the former captains of the club, is excited about this year’s large freshman roster. Bell and Swords started a Frisbee league at Lowndes High School which may have had some impact on the fact that the club has doubled its number of members this year.

 Bell hopes that the tournaments this year will give them the experience they need in order to win.

 “[The tournaments] are gonna be a really big test for the freshmen coming up,” Bell said. “It’s going to be a lot faster pace than they’re doing at practice. If you’re not sore, you’re not playing enough.”

 Two years ago the club placed 28th out of 600 other ultimate Frisbee clubs. Bell credits “heart” as being one of the greatest achievements that the club has gained over the years.

“I’d rather have seven people out there that are putting everything they got into the game and lose really bad, than seven people out there that don’t care,” Bell said. “Heart is something you’re gonna need”.

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