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Eating healthy on a college budget

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I’m Devin Crudup, the newest addition to the Spectator family. I’ll be bringing you a weekly dose of healthy eating and exercise tips via the new Be Healthy column. The topics discussed in this column will range from weight lifting, to recipes, all geared towards students. I’m currently a senior here at VSU majoring in exercise physiology with a passion for promoting health awareness and advocating healthy living. It is my hopes that this column will be informative and inspire readers to jumpstart or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Please feel free to email me at dmcrudup@valdosta.edu with any questions or comments regarding the column.


Healthy Eating on a College Budget


If you’re like most students on campus you’re short on cash and by mid semester your Blazer buck stash is dwindling, leaving you to choose between the dollar menu and Ramen noodles. You may feel there isn’t room in your budget to eat healthy, even though you may want to. Don’t fret–you can still eat healthy and not break your pockets or your parent’s bank. I’ve provided a simple grocery list that will not only get you through the week, but will allow you to prepare meals that are easy, quick and convenient.


-Canned Tuna                          -Bottled water

-Whole grain bread                  -Quick oats Oatmeal

-Bananas                                  -Apples

-Head of lettuce                       – Pre cooked grilled chicken strips

-Peanut butter                         -Boiled eggs

-Steamer bag of veggies           -Low fat dressing

-Minute brown rice                  -Canned black beans (drain and rinse)

-Deli meats (turkey or chicken)


These fifteen items can be converted into meals that don’t require a stove or oven and can be made in your dorm room or apartment with a simple microwave. Instead of popping a pack of Ramen noodles in the microwave try warming a cup of brown rice, grilled chicken strips and a steamer bag of veggies. Or have a bowl of oatmeal with sliced bananas as opposed to your usual Poptart. These alternative meals are more filling and will leave you feeling more energized throughout the day. Don’t forget to portion your meals so you don’t run out of food before the week is over.

More good news for your pockets it that bargain brands such as GreatValue carry the majority of these items, which can also cut down on prices. So, no more blaming your bad diet on your pockets or your hectic schedule, eating healthy on your budget just became possible.





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  1. Another great food on a college budget its almonds. They can be expensive, but if you go to costco or BJ’s you could get them for a great deal. Nuts are great fats in a person’s diet.

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