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Flag football continues

VSU’s Intramural Flag Football League turns a rough sport into a great competitive scene promoting exercise and health.

Flag football is very different from American football. The ability to tackle is completely nullified, which penalizes anyone that attempts to use physical contact.

The goals are similar except instead of tackling, a player must grab a flag on the opposing player’s waist and pull it off in order to stop them.

The league includes multiple teams that branch out into multiple smaller leagues and divisions.

While football is considered a male sport, females are invited to join leagues of their own that also includes sororities. The men’s leagues include teams from different resident halls and fraternities.

Men have two different leagues that differ in difficulty called the A and B leagues. The A league is considered to be the most competitive.

 “It’s a good way to work out and meet a lot of people” says Quadeem Colvin, a member of the A-league Men’s team, Hot N Spicy.

Because of lack of contact, flag football is much safer for players.

“It’s good to play something without contact so you won’t get hurt as much,” Colvin said.

Each league has a championship game. Winners and runner-ups from each championship game are invited to the all-campus tournament in which all leagues face each other to determine the final winner.

Last year’s B-league champions and currently undefeated A-league team, NIKES, competed and won VSU’s Show Me The Money tournament in September, granting them an invitation to the Georgia State Flag Football Championships at the University of Georgia.

Tedrian Thompson feels confident his team can win the A-league championships.

“B-league was a good experience for us [team NIKES]. After we added a few key pieces to our team, we feel like there’s no competition for us.”

The flag football league games are still going on, with lots of competition fighting for a title.


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