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Fuel your day with food

Two o’clock hits and you’re ready for a nap–problem is you still have two more classes to attend followed by a five hour shift at your job. How are you going to make it through the day? The answer is food. What you eat can boost your energy levels and even help you avoid that blah 2:00 feeling all together.


No– I’m not talking about an energy drink or a candy bar. These items are full of sugar and only guarantee a short period of a high energy level followed by the crash leaving you more tired than before. Instead, grab a banana or an orange– these fruits are packed with nutrients that will help maintain your energy levels. Berries are also a good source of energy, blueberries being the best.


To ensure your energy levels, don’t fall throughout the day– plan ahead. If you know your day is going to be busy, make sure your tank stays on full. Start with having a hearty breakfast. After seven to eight hours of sleep, this is the prime time to fuel your energy storage in preparation for your long day. Oatmeal and egg whites are an excellent choice for breakfast. By making breakfast your largest meal of the day, you not only stock up your fuel tank, but you jumpstart your metabolism.

Make sure you don’t go hungry throughout the day by snacking in between meals. Nuts such as almonds and peanuts are the perfect snack to hold you over until lunch. Remember not to over load on lunch and dinner– a heavy meal mid-day can create that nap time feeling. In addition to fueling your body with energy-boosting foods, it is also important to stay hydrated–so carry bottles of water to sip on during your day.


Use food to put an end to that sluggish feeling so you can be productive and get the most out of your day. See you next week with more health tips.

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