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Mumford & Sons delivers passable second album

Mumford & Sons new album “Babel”, released Sept.24, is one of the best albums in 2012

Mumford & Sons is an English folk rock band that hit the music scene in December 2007 and has been making history since. The first album, “Sigh No More” was released October 2009 and set the music world on fire.

The new release “Babel” has 12 tracks on the album and 15 on the deluxe version. The album sold 159,000 copies in the UK during the first week and within that same week hit number one on the charts.

Being the first song, “Babel” set the emotional tone for the entire album.

The second song, “Whispers in the Dark”, is an upbeat song, but sounds slightly weird. There’s something about it that doesn’t sound musically correct. I don’t know whether it’s the use of range in the song, but it didn’t appeal to me as much.

“Holland Road” is a slower song– more emotional than the others thus far. The song picks up after the first verse and continues to grow.

“Ghosts that we knew” is another slow placed song. It’s very deep and has an amazing range performed by the lead singer, Marcus Mumford.

The sixth track, “Lover of the Light”, is by far my favorite song on the album. It is more upbeat than the previous two and has more of an entire band feeling. Overall, it’s one of those feel good kind of songs.

The seventh track is a more laid back song. “Lovers eyes” starts with Mumford’s amazing voice, then during the next phase of the song the band joins in and pulls the song together. Although it is a well put together song, it doesn’t strike my music bone.

“Reminder” is a break away from the album. It is Mumford’s soliloquy in a way.

“Hopeless wonderer” is one of the longest and most disappointing songs on the album. The song sounds extremely jumbled and a bit too pop-ish. I would have expected more for an upbeat song by them.

The tenth track, “Broken crown”, is very predictable at this point. The song shares as many qualities as the previous tracks and isn’t anything new or fascinating.

“Not with haste” is a fairly great song. Although it does sound like a few others on the album, it doesn’t seem as a copy like other songs have. It’s a great song to finish the generic–not deluxe–album addition.

Overall “Babel” is not the best of Mumford & Sons. Overall the album sounded too cohesive. I was really excited for this album, but after listening to it, it became a flub. I’m hoping the tracks will grow on me as other albums have, but in the meantime I do appreciate what Mumford & Sons does for the music industry.

I give “Babel” 3 out of 5 stars.

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