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PopAddict: Lohan returns to partying, Timberlake marries Biel

Hello World—Anthony here yet again to wrap up all the things in pop culture that had us buzzing this week.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t talk about Lindsay Lohan anymore, but old habits die hard.

Everyone’s favorite hard partying actress has made news yet again– except this time she decided to make it a family affair.

Several blogs and publications were abuzz last week when it was reported that the actress’s father was consulting with her lawyers and other members of her entourage about staging an intervention for the actress.

Rumors have run wild in the last few months that Lohan has fallen off the wagon and resorted back to her hard partying ways.

Normally a father trying to get help his daughter in a substance abuse problem is a good thing, but with the Lohans you can never tell.

All of them are thirsty for attention. I’m sure they all could benefit from a little trip to the Betty Ford clinic.

In ‘less dysfunctional family news’ Grammy winning singer Adele gave birth to a baby boy last weekend.

The songbird surprised fans by announcing her pregnancy after the Grammys back in February.  This is the first child for Adele and her boyfriend, Simon Konecki.

If a bad breakup can cause Adele to spawn one of the bestselling albums in the last five years– there’s no telling what a baby will do to her musical ability. I guess time will tell.

Cuffing season is in full effect and celebrities are no different. Former NSync front man, Justin Timberlake, married actress Jessica Biel in Puglia, Italy.

After several years of on and off again dating the pair tied the knot in a reported six million- dollar- wedding ceremony that has been months in the making.

Noticeably absent from the ceremony were JT’s NSync band mates. I guess they were still salty from him leaving them high and dry at their peak to pursue a solo career.

But Justin isn’t to blame. No one told JC Chasez to make a crappy solo album, or Lance Bass to try and go to outer space. While they were all playing around, Justin was out chasing paper. Hate the game not the player.

As always tune into Pop Addict next week to catch up on all the latest celebrity gossip.


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