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IFC gains new fraternity

Tailgating, studying and unity.


Greek life is one of the largest organizations at VSU and still continues to grow.

Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity hopes to join Greek life becoming the 10th chapter of InterFraternity Council (IFC).


If AKL joins IFC they will not only become the biggest council of Greek life, but one of the first interracial chapters of IFC.


According to Chuck Jones, president of IFC, becoming a new chapter is based on a 2/3 vote from the other chapters.


As of right now, AKL has yet to issue an appeal to IFC. Although they have yet to be recognized by IFC, AKL is expanding their colony rapidly.


“So far there is a splendid seven of us,” Tony Dopson, AKL member, said.


These seven gentlemen hope to recruit more members and become installed a year and a half from now.


Jones spoke differently on their installation.


“Expansion of the Greek community is not something that I foresee happening in the near future,” he said.


AKL is going to have many hurdles to leap for acceptance into IFC. The idea of a new chapter will cause problems for recruitment.


“As for expansion we already have nine chapters and it is already a battle for rush numbers as is with an average size of 13 men per new member class,” Jones said.


Within the last two years, IFC has accepted two new chapters and adding one more is expected to cause problems in recruitment numbers. If accepted, the members of AKL are hoping to change the face of IFC.


“I feel like it is something that’s way past due,” Dopson said. “A lot of fraternities say that they recruit based on character and moral values but it is just for good PR for the organization. With AKL, it won’t just be a statement.”


Multiracial IFC chapters are not unheard of here at VSU, but most recently IFC’s lack of one has become apparent. Currently College Pan-Hellenic Council’s Alpha Sigma Alpha and National Pan-Hellenic Council’s Zeta Phi Beta sororities are both multiracial. AKL will introduce a change for IFC, which consists of predominantly white male fraternities.

NPHC has been home to multiple multiracial chapters throughout the years. Two years ago, CPC introduced their first interracial chapter ASA. Before ASA, the separation between councils was not only evident by gender but by race. CPC consisted of all white female sororities, IFC, all white male fraternities and NHPC, both African American fraternities and sororities.

According to the members of AKL it is not about background or skin color but the character and morals they share.


We currently have two black members– one Columbian, one of Italian decent, and three white members, and we are getting our newest member who also happens to be white,” Dopson said.


In the next few months VSU will see the results of IFC’s decision. As for now AKL remains positive and hopes to join Greek Life.


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