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PopAddict: Lohan plays an unlikely Liz

Pop Addict #14


Hello World—Anthony here bringing you the final Pop Addict for 2012. That is if the Mayans are right and the world ends in three weeks. Otherwise, I’ll be back reporting on the ratchetness of the celebrity world in 2013.


If the Mayans are correct, at least we won’t have to deal with Chris Brown’s anger problems anymore–which he obviously still hasn’t gotten in check.


Rihanna’s on again off again boyfriend got into a Twitter fight with a fan who called him a “piece of sh*t.”


After the comment, Breezy defensively began to verbally assault her telling her to perform fellatio on him while he passes gas in her face after calling her a ho.


After the rant, Brown quickly deleted his Twitter and hasn’t been heard from on the social network since.


Breezy has always been vocal on Twitter, but sometimes you have to know when to tune things out. RiRi please come get your man.


Moving on to another celeb that can’t seem to get right, Lindsay Lohan made her return to acting in the highly anticipated ‘Liz & Dick” Lifetime movie.


Critics were harsh to point out that Lohan’s only accurate portrayal of the icon was the fact that she looked like her, and even that was the work of the makeup and wardrobe department.


While Lohan nailed the look aspect, her acting left a lot to be desired. No one expects Lifetime movies to be Emmy and Golden Globe winning masterpieces –you couldn’t help but think that there was something missing in her portrayal.


Lohan isn’t going to let a cable TV movie keep her down. With roles in The Canyons and Scary Movie 5 coming up, America’s favorite party girl isn’t stopping her comeback anytime soon.


Speaking of comebacks, which we aren’t going to call a comeback since she hasn’t gone anywhere, it has been announced that HBO has picked up a self-directed documentary starring Beyoncé.


The film will reportedly follow Bey and husband Jay-Z during the first few months of motherhood as well as prepping for her new album.


The film is set to premiere on Feb. 16– just days after she performs for the masses during the halftime show at the Super Bowl.


This wraps up Pop Addict for 2012. It was a year full wacky and crazy celebrities.


Tune in next year– there’s no telling which celebs will be acting up in 2013.


Slang used:


Ratchetness: (n 🙂 – any behavior that is deemed unacceptable by the majority.


Breezy: (n 🙂 a nickname fans have given for Chris Brown.


RiRi: (n 🙂 a nickname fans have given for Rihanna.


Bey: (n 🙂 a nickname fans have given to Beyoncé

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