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PopAddict: ‘Kimye’ announces baby bump, JT releases new single

Hello World—Anthony here with Pop Addict again to bring you all the latest news and gossip since December.


Since we left over a month ago, a Kardashian is pregnant again, the world didn’t end (thanks a lot Mayans), Beyoncé is back with a vengeance, Justin Timberlake made an anti-climactic return to music and Award Show season is in full swing.


Because I’m convinced that the world will stop turning if the Kardashians stop infiltrating our lives, on Dec. 31 Kim announced that she and boyfriend Kanye West are expecting a beautiful bouncing future reality TV star.


Just when we thought we were going to end the year Kardashian free, America’s royal family (sorry Obamas) made sure they were going to be infecting our TVs for many years to come.  At least it gives us a reason to use the word ‘”Kimye.”


If the Kardashians aren’t your fancy then I pray you’re a Beyoncé fan because 2013 will be the year of “King Bey.” Blue Ivy’s mom will be headlining the Super Bowl on Feb. 3 which will precede a HBO documentary chronicling her return to music since giving birth to the golden child last year.


As if that wasn’t enough, she brought back her favorite backup singers Kelly and Michelle and announced that Destiny’s Child would be releasing a compilation album titled  “Love Songs.”


The trio released the underwhelming “Nuclear” last week and if anyone is checking for the album it comes out on Jan 22.


Speaking of underwhelming, Justin Timberlake had everyone on pins and needles last week when he tweeted a vague video of him announcing that he was ready to return to music.


With everyone waiting with anticipation, JT released his first single in six years. The song “Suit and Tie” features Jay-Z and dropped on iTunes at midnight on Monday morning.


As a true JT fan, I appreciate him getting back to what he does best– those SNL shorts and romantic comedies were getting old. I guess my expectations were a tad too high because much like Destiny’s Child’s new single “Suit Tie”, it came in short.


I understand JT wanting to get his “grown and sexy”, on but “Suit and Tie” was a tad too grown for me and almost put me to sleep.


But alas, it’s still early in the game and maybe JT will put out some bangers for us to turn up to.


2013 is also shaping up to be the year of the female species. With “Girls” writer/producer/actress Lena Dunham taking home two trophies at Sunday’s Golden Globes along with the show’s second season debuting to massive numbers, girls really are running the world right now.


If you’re in your 20s and not watching the HBO comedy about four girls living in Brooklyn then you aren’t living life.


Speaking of girls and New York, the wait is over and Carrie Bradshaw is back on television.


“The Carrie Diaries” debited on the CW on Monday with Anna Sophia Robb taking over as young Carrie Bradshaw descends upon New York.


Whether the show will have a lasting impact on pop culture like “Sex and The City” is yet to be known.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


As always tune into Pop Addict next week for all of the latest celebrity news.  Until next time pop culture enthusiasts.


Slang used: turn up: (v) to enjoy music



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