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Marijuana remains a concern on campus

Written by Ritsuki Miyazaki


According to VSUPD media log, four cases of marijuana use have been reported on campus in the past six months.

“New Years, sometimes, we see a little bit of rise of students smoking marijuana,” Scott Doner, director of VSUPD, said.

Doner suggests students should contact a resident assistant or call VSUPD if marijuana is smelled on campus.

According to the student handbook, VSU states that “The university reserves the right to remove any student from housing who has demonstrated an unwillingness to abide by the university Code of Conduct.”

And they may lose their federal financial aid as well.

Even though only a few number of arrest shows, there are still more people using marijuana behind the closed door.

According to the VSU CORE alcohol and drug survey executive summary in 2009, there were over 40 people out of 943 students currently (in the past 30 days) use marijuana and 20 people are on campus.

“It’s very popular among the students especially in our generation so maybe they should crack down on that,” Kia Davis, a freshman political science major, said.  “I think it’s getting even more popular because it’s in the music, it’s on TVs, making movies about it, it’s growing.”

Some students are bothered by marijuana use on campus.

“If you’re going to smoke weed, make sure you smoke out side the school setting because you can catch a contact high and I don’t want to be high.” John Hebert, a freshman, economics major, said. “But what I don’t understand is that why is alcohol legal and marijuana is not.”

VSU Student Handbook

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