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Fluoride, a poison in disguise

We’re all aware just how important it is to have good dental hygiene. Who wants grubby teeth, and smelly breath? If your mother was anything like mine the infamous question “Have you brushed your teeth yet?” was one that got echoed throughout my childhood, even breaching onto my late teens. It became clearly obvious that a clean mouth was a happy mouth.

Recently, I’ve been wondering just what exactly is in our toothpaste, especially since I’ve been seeing a lot of fluoride-free propaganda. It all got me wondering what the issue was with the foamy, fresh contents of my crest tube. It seems everyone’s problem is not so much that toothpaste is bad, but it’s the amount of fluoride that’s present. I’ve come to the conclusion, that there really isn’t even a point in fluoride, and the population can keep their teeth just as clean, with natural components. Such substances do the exact same thing without the dangers that come from daily use of an aluminum, copper, and iron manufacturing byproduct.

Did you know that’s where fluoride was derived from? I didn’t until recently, and to say the least I was completely disturbed. It is definitely sickening to consider the fact that the thing that helps keep cavities at bay in its earlier years was an insecticide. Any health care plan that involves you foaming your mouth full of chemicals is one you shouldn’t be buying into. Actually, based on a new report conducted by the ADA this “helpful” ingredient of keeping a sparkly smile is being regarded as a potentially dangerous element merely being sold under the guise of “dental hygiene.”

Upon reading and further researching this matter I almost wanted to spit in all the faces of the corporations and governments that are mandating the usage of fluoride. The matter is comparable to the harmful “techniques” of maintaining health in the medieval times, like bleeding yourself to cure a cold, or something of that nature. Shouldn’t societies realize that the ways of the old, aren’t necessarily the right way to get the intended effect? To say the least there were quite a few negatives that have been discovered about fluoride that everyone should make themselves comfortable with. The first being that an excess of which can actually cause the exact opposite of lovely, shining teeth; causing your pearly whites to crumble and even inviting cavities to set up camp all over the mouth.

A more extreme side effect of fluoride is an increasing absorption of aluminum in the brain. Aluminum is what is found in the brains of patients with Alzheimer’s. I for one, find it an extremely discomforting notion. Thereby, personally having decided to completely cut out fluoride from my daily routine. I found that there are numerous methods to take complete care of your teeth without using this harmful ingredient, the most reasonable, and money friendly option being to merely purchase toothpaste that is fluoride free.

There doesn’t exist a supermarket that refrains from offering these products. Always be aware of what’s inside your toothpaste tube. Check the ingredients and make yourself comfortable with knowing what you’re putting into your body on a daily basis. Read labels in order to ensure the future functionality of your brain.

This Web Exclusive brought to you by Ivey Ingalls-Rubin.

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  1. the government advocates fluoride in drinking water to make us subservient, pliable, to their propaganda and brainwashing pumped out of the Main Stream Media outlets and Hollywood. Are you a Sheeple or a sovereign human? Nice job Ivey!!!

  2. Mrs Marsh promised me back in the 70’s that fluoride toothpaste would prevent tooth decay. Now dentists and Queensland Health are telling me that I must drink it — WHY?

  3. Many of us are influenced by over 60 years of use, when we all thought that fluoridation was a very helpful drug to add to the drinking water and force everyone to consume it. In the last 20 years research was published to show it is ineffective for teeth and dangerous to health. See Dr. Paul Connett’s book, “The Case Against Fluoride,” for 1200 studies (over 80 pages), including 24 to show a reduction of IQ in children and a 2006 study by Dr. Elise Bassin, DDS, Harvard University published in a cancer journal to show a fivefold increase in bone cancer in young people who have consumed fluoride in their drinking water.

    Interestingly, A recent report from Harvard University confirms the other 24 studies (now 36 studies) that shows drinking fluoridated water lowers childrens IQ.

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