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Q&A with Morgan J.

Interview by D.J. Davis


Morgan Johnson Q&A:

Q: Coach Macera came in and led you guys to a national championship in his second season with the team, what are a few words to describe what he has meant to your team?

A: He’s definitely one to not settle. He is always pushing us; he always wants us to do better. He doesn’t get complacent.

Q: How have you enjoyed playing on the same team as your little sister, Fran Johnson?

A: I’m sure it’s great for my parents because they get to come to the same place to watch us both play, but it’s really great. She’s working hard and she’s been able to get a starting position for herself too.

Q: How is the chemistry among the girls on the team?

A: We were all new, so we’re all trying to work out how to play with each other, but it’s coming together.

Q: What is one of the funnier moments that you’ve shared with your team on the road?

A: Arguments over which movie to watch on the bus.

Q: And which did you decide on?

A: We chose “Hitch,” and Coach didn’t like it, but about 20 minutes in he finally admitted he was enjoying it, so small win for us.

Q: You’ve been named an All-American, and you’ve won a ring, what’s left for you to accomplish at VSU?

A: I just want to be able to help my team towards a successful record, win another conference championship and I don’t know—I want to go out on top I guess.

Q: What brought you to VSU in the first place?

A: I could have walked on at UGA, but they didn’t have a nursing program. This is where my dad went, and I just love the campus.

Q: You’re a senior this year, what is the plan for life after softball?

A: I’ll take boards for nursing in June, and hopefully I’ll be home in Macon, working there.

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